TYGON® Vacuum Tubing R-3603

Tygon Tubing

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Discover Tygon® Vacuum Tubing R-3603: Engineered for Exceptional Vacuum Performance

Dive into the realm of exceptional vacuum performance with Total Plastics' Tygon® Vacuum Tubing R-3603. This tubing, with its extra-heavy walls, is meticulously designed to withstand a full vacuum at room temperature, offering a reliable solution for a multitude of demanding vacuum applications.

Key Features of Tygon® Vacuum Tubing R-3603

  • Exceptional chemical resistance to most inorganic chemicals
  • Perfect for use in corrosive atmospheres
  • High clarity for easy monitoring of flow
  • Outstanding performance even if vacuum pump oil backs up into it
  • Low vapor pressure, making it suitable for high vacuum applications
  • Ideal for analytical testing of gases or vapors and well-suited for use in making manometers

Technical Specifications

Property Value
Material Tubing
Maximum Vacuum 29.9” [759 mm] of mercury at 73 °F [23 °C]
Temperature Range -40°F to 165°F (-40°C to 74°C)

Applications - Tygon® Vacuum Tubing R-3603

With its superior chemical resistance and high vacuum performance, Tygon® Vacuum Tubing R-3603 is the go-to choice for analytical testing of gases or vapors, and is well-suited for creating manometers. Elevate the efficiency and reliability of your vacuum applications with this exceptional tubing.

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Choosing Total Plastics means stepping into a realm of unmatched quality and expertise. Our Tygon® Vacuum Tubing R-3603 is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence. With us, you are not just getting a product, you are investing in a reliable solution crafted from years of industry expertise. Dive into a world of superior performance and reliability with Total Plastics.

Ready to experience unparalleled vacuum performance? Explore the unmatched quality of Tygon® Vacuum Tubing R-3603 from Total Plastics today. Reach out to us for more information and let's elevate your vacuum applications to new heights together!