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Embrace Tygon® 2275 High Purity Tubing: The Pinnacle of Biopharmaceutical Processing

Step into the forefront of biopharmaceutical processing with Total Plastics' Tygon® 2275 High Purity Tubing. Expertly crafted to maintain the utmost integrity of your sensitive fluids, this tubing is the benchmark for applications demanding the highest purity.

Key Features of Tygon® 2275 High Purity Tubing

  • Non-DEHP, bio-based plasticizer composition ensures maximum purity
  • Exceptional chemical resistance preserves fluid integrity
  • Smooth inner surface designed to prevent particulate entrapment
  • Robust peristaltic pump life for reliable flow rates
  • Transparency and flexibility for simplified handling and installation
  • Compliance with rigorous standards such as USP Class VI and ISO 10993

Applications of Tygon® 2275 High Purity Tubing

From sterile fill and transfers to vaccine production and beyond, Tygon® 2275 tubing is the preferred solution for a variety of critical biopharmaceutical processes. Trust in the unmatched purity and performance of Tygon® for your most stringent applications.

Why Choose Total Plastics for Your High-Purity Tubing?

At Total Plastics, we're not just distributors; we're partners in your pursuit of excellence. Our Tygon® 2275 High Purity Tubing exemplifies our dedication to quality and our commitment to the biopharmaceutical industry's dynamic needs. With Total Plastics, you're selecting a partner vested in the quality of your work and the success of your products.

Advance your biopharmaceutical processes with Tygon® 2275 High Purity Tubing. Contact Total Plastics for more details and take your applications to unparalleled heights.