TYGON® UV Resistant Tubing R-3400

Tygon Tubing

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Explore Tygon® UV Resistant Tubing R-3400: Unmatched Flexibility Meets Chemical Resistance

Dive into the realm of durable and adaptable tubing with Total Plastics' Tygon® UV Resistant Tubing R-3400. This tubing is perfect for both permanent and temporary chemical transfer applications, showcasing a remarkable resistance to a broad spectrum of chemicals including strong acids and alkalies. Its flexibility facilitates quick and easy installation, saving you both time and cost

Key Features of Tygon® UV Resistant Tubing R-3400

  • Exceptional chemical resistance for diverse applications
  • High flexibility for easy installation and use
  • UV, ozone, and weather resistance ideal for outdoor uses
  • Black coloration with sufficient wall thickness to block UV light transmission
  • Flammability rating of UL 94V-O and UL 94HB

Technical Specifications

Property Value
Material Tubing

Applications of Tygon® UV Resistant Tubing R-3400

The Tygon® UV Resistant Tubing R-3400 is a top choice for a variety of chemical transfer applications, be it permanent or temporary. Its exceptional resistance to chemicals along with its flexibility make it a reliable choice for numerous outdoor applications.

Why Choose Total Plastics?

At Total Plastics, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Opting for our Tygon® UV Resistant Tubing R-3400 means you're investing in a product backed by industry expertise and a strong commitment to excellence. Our aim is to provide high-quality, reliable solutions that cater to your needs.

Ready to take your project to the next level? Explore the exceptional quality of Tygon® UV Resistant Tubing R-3400 from Total Plastics today. Reach out to us for more information and let's work together to meet your application requirements!