CNC Laser Cutting

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CNC Laser Cutting Services

Discover the precision and efficiency of CNC Laser Cutting services at Total Plastics. Our state-of-the-art laser cutting technology ensures high-quality, detailed shapes in plastics, perfect for a variety of applications.

Key Features

  • Non-contact cutting process for damage-free results
  • Perfect for intricate designs and detailed cuts
  • High precision and consistency in every project
  • Environmentally friendly with minimal waste
  • Fast turnaround times for all orders

Technical Specifications

Our CNC Laser Cutting service adheres to stringent technical standards:

  • Maximum cutting size: 4' X 4'
  • Material compatibility: Acrylic up to 1/8", PETG up to 1/8"
  • No chloride/chlorine materials (PVC)
  • Advanced laser technology for clean cuts
  • Customizable to client specifications


Our CNC Laser Cutting is ideal for:

  • Plastic prototypes
  • Signage and display fabrication
  • Custom parts for various industries
  • Decorative elements and artistic projects