TYGON® Microbore Tubing S-54-HL

Tygon Tubing

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Experience Precision with Tygon Microbore Tubing S-54-HL

At Total Plastics, we offer the top-notch Tygon Microbore Tubing S-54-HL, designed for precise fluid handling and control in multiple industrial applications. With its superior flexibility and biocompatible nature, it’s the go-to choice for professionals seeking reliability and performance.

Key Features of Tygon Microbore Tubing S-54-HL

  • Exceptional chemical resistance ensuring durability in harsh environments
  • Superior flexibility for easy installation and use
  • Smooth interior walls for precise fluid control
  • Biocompatible, meeting USP Class VI and FDA criteria
  • Available in a variety of sizes to meet different application needs

Specifications Table

Parameter Value
Material Tygon
Inner Diameter Varies
Outer Diameter Varies
Wall Thickness Varies
Temperature Range -34 to 74°C
Certification USP Class VI, FDA

Applications of Tygon Microbore Tubing S-54-HL

The Tygon Microbore Tubing S-54-HL finds extensive applications across various industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and chemical sectors. Its precise control over fluid flow makes it an indispensable asset in laboratories and manufacturing facilities. Whether it's transferring sensitive liquids or gases, this tubing is engineered to deliver with utmost accuracy.