TYGON® Sanitary Silicone Tubing 3350

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Experience Premium Fluid Transfer with TYGON® Sanitary Silicone Tubing 3350

Embrace the pinnacle of purity and performance with Total Plastics' TYGON® Sanitary Silicone Tubing 3350. Specially designed for high-purity applications, this tubing offers an ultra-smooth inner bore, significantly reducing particle entrapment and buildup during sensitive fluid transfers.

Key Features of TYGON® Sanitary Silicone Tubing 3350

  • Ultra-smooth inner bore for reduced particle entrapment
  • Minimal extractables to maintain fluid integrity
  • Documented biocompatibility for sensitive applications
  • Optimized fluid flow characteristics
  • Fully tested to ISO 10993 standards, aiding in validation processes

Technical Specifications

  • Specific Gravity: ASTM D792-91
  • Water Absorption: ASTM D570-81 (24 hours at 23°C)
  • Hardness: Shore A, ASTM D2240-91 (15 seconds)
  • Tensile Strength, Yield: ASTM D412-92
  • Elongation at Break: ASTM D412-92
  • 200% Modulus: ASTM D412-92
  • Tear Strength: ASTM D624-91 Die B, Initial Tear Strength
  • Compression Set: ASTM D395-89 Method B, Constant Deflection (22 hrs)
  • Dielectric Strength: ASTM D149-93
  • Maximum Service Temperature, Air
  • Brittleness Temperature: ASTM D746-79

Applications of TYGON® Sanitary Silicone Tubing 3350

TYGON® 3350 is ideal for a range of applications, including Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Processing, Medical Devices, Cell Harvest and Media Process Systems, Sterile Fill Lines, Water for Injection (WFI) Transfer, Chemistry and Blood Analyzers, and Liquid Chromatography.

Why Choose Total Plastics?

Total Plastics is committed to providing high-quality, reliable solutions. By choosing TYGON® Sanitary Silicone Tubing 3350, you're not just purchasing a product; you're gaining the benefit of our industry expertise and dedication to excellence.

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