Lennite Implant Grade UHMWPE


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Experience the Pinnacle of Medical Innovation with Lennite Implant Grade UHMWPE

Delve into the world of medical excellence with Total Plastics' Lennite Implant Grade UHMWPE. This medical-grade plastic is specifically designed for orthopedic and surgical applications, offering unparalleled safety and performance.

Key Features of Lennite Implant Grade UHMWPE

  • Exceptional wear and abrasion resistance for long-lasting use
  • Optimized for low friction, promoting patient comfort and implant longevity
  • High impact strength, ensuring reliability even in extreme conditions
  • Outstanding chemical resistance, suitable for various sterilization methods
  • Compliant with stringent medical standards including ASTM F-648 and ISO 5834-1
  • Available in various forms, including rods and sheets, for diverse medical applications

Technical Specifications

Lennite Implant Grade UHMWPE is crafted to meet the highest standards of the medical industry. It adheres to ASTM F-648 and ISO 5834-1 specifications, ensuring its suitability for critical medical applications.

  • Material: Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)
  • Standards Compliance: ASTM F-648, ISO 5834-1
  • Sterilization Compatibility: EtO gas, cold sterilization, limited gamma radiation
  • Form Factors: Available in rod and sheet forms
  • Color: Natural, ensuring purity and safety

Applications of Lennite Implant Grade UHMWPE

Lennite's versatility makes it ideal for a range of medical applications, particularly in orthopedics. It is widely used in joint replacement prostheses, including hip, knee, and shoulder implants, as well as in various surgical instruments and devices.

Why Choose Total Plastics for Lennite Implant Grade UHMWPE?

At Total Plastics, we prioritize quality and innovation. Our Lennite Implant Grade UHMWPE is a testament to our commitment to providing the medical industry with materials that are not only safe but also enhance the quality of life. Our expert team ensures each product meets the highest standards, offering you reliability and peace of mind.

Transform your medical projects with Lennite Implant Grade UHMWPE from Total Plastics. Contact Us today for more information and take a step towards medical excellence.