EXTREN® Fiberglass Wide Flange Beams


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EXTREN Fiberglass Wide Flange Beams: Engineered for Excellence

Embrace the future of structural integrity with Total Plastics' EXTREN Fiberglass Wide Flange Beams. These beams represent a leap in design and durability, offering a robust, lightweight alternative to traditional materials in corrosive environments.

Advantages of EXTREN Fiberglass Wide Flange Beams

  • Exceptional strength-to-weight ratio surpassing that of steel
  • High corrosion resistance, ideal for harsh environments
  • Non-conductive and RF transparent for versatile use
  • Low maintenance costs and long service life
  • Available in a variety of sizes and series for diverse applications
  • Fire retardant properties for enhanced safety

Applications and Design Flexibility

EXTREN Fiberglass Wide Flange Beams are the building blocks for an array of applications. From the construction of lightweight stair towers capable of withstanding extreme loads to the crafting of intricate architectural designs, these beams adapt to meet the challenges of any project.

Why Choose Total Plastics for Your EXTREN Beams?

Total Plastics stands at the forefront of innovation with our EXTREN Fiberglass Wide Flange Beams. Our partnership with Strongwell, the world's leading pultruded fiberglass producer, ensures that each beam meets the highest standards of quality and performance. With Total Plastics, you gain access to unparalleled expertise and a commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Transform your structural projects with the advanced capabilities of EXTREN Fiberglass Wide Flange Beams. Contact Total Plastics today to discuss your needs and discover the optimal solutions we provide.