WELD-ON® Acrylic Adhesive #3

Weld On

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Experience the exceptional qualities of Weld-On 3 acrylic adhesive. Crafted for robust bonding on acrylic surfaces, it ensures strong and enduring bonds in various applications. With controlled viscosity, precise application is guaranteed, streamlining your projects. From artistry to engineering, Weld-On 3's versatility makes it the go-to adhesive for securely bonding acrylic substrates. Benefit from its rapid cure time, eliminating waiting and boosting efficiency. Enjoy the beauty of transparent bonds that preserve the visual appeal of your creations. Beyond immediate strength, Weld-On 3 offers long-lasting durability, withstanding environmental challenges and the test of time


  • Very Fast-Setting Solvent Cement for Bonding Acrylic
  • Water-thin, non-flammable cement formulated to quickly develop high strength, clear bonds to many thermoplastic substrates, particularly acrylic
  • Can be used with a 1-1/4 fluid ounce oval polyethylene squeeze-type applicator bottle with a 1-1/2 inch needle
  • Color:Clear