TYGON® High Purity Pressure Tubing 2275 I.B.

Tygon Tubing

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Experience Tygon® 2475 High-Purity Pressure Tubing: Engineered for Biopharmaceutical Excellence

Embrace the standard in high-purity applications with Total Plastics' Tygon® 2475 High-Purity Pressure Tubing. This non-DEHP tubing is designed to ensure the integrity of your critical processing applications in biopharmaceuticals. It's free from plasticizers that can leach into sensitive fluids, making it the ideal choice for your most demanding needs.

Key Advantages of Tygon® 2475 Tubing

  • Non-DEHP and bio-based plasticizer composition for maximum purity
  • Outstanding chemical resistance, ensuring fluid integrity
  • Smooth inner surface inhibiting particulate entrapment
  • Exceptional peristaltic pump life with consistent flow rates
  • Clear and flexible for easy handling and installation
  • Meets stringent standards such as USP Class VI and ISO 10993

Applications of Tygon® 2475 High-Purity Tubing

With its superior flexibility and durability, Tygon® 2475 tubing is the preferred choice for applications such as sterile fill and transfers, vaccine production, cell harvest and media process systems, and production filtration and fermentation. Trust in Tygon® for processes where the utmost purity is paramount.

Why Choose Total Plastics for Your High-Purity Tubing Needs?

Total Plastics stands at the forefront of distributing high-quality plastic products and solutions. Our Tygon® 2475 High-Purity Pressure Tubing is a testament to our commitment to excellence and dedication to supporting the biopharmaceutical industry's evolving needs. With Total Plastics, you're choosing a partner that understands the importance of your work and the necessity of impeccable product quality.

Advance your biopharmaceutical processes with the trusted purity of Tygon® 2475 High-Purity Pressure Tubing. Contact Total Plastics for more information and elevate your applications to new heights of excellence.