Spartech Polycast Acryshield L3

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Polycast AcryShield L3: Unparalleled Bullet Resistance and Clarity

Introducing the Polycast AcryShield L3, a revolutionary product in the realm of safety and security materials. Crafted by Total Plastics, this acrylic sheet sets a new standard in bullet-resistant technology, offering superior protection without compromising on optical clarity.

Key Features of Polycast AcryShield L3

  • Exceptional bullet resistance, meeting UL 752 Level 3 standards
  • Outstanding optical clarity with over 85% light transmission
  • Lightweight design, 48% lighter than glass with similar protection
  • High durability and resistance to abrasion
  • Can be easily fabricated and formed into various shapes
  • Resistant to yellowing, hazing, and brittleness over time

Technical Specifications

Polycast AcryShield L3 is designed to exceed the most stringent safety requirements while maintaining aesthetic and functional integrity.

  • Thickness: 1.25 inches
  • Ballistic Protection: Effective against .44 Magnum and other handguns
  • Maximum Continuous Service Temperature: 170°F
  • Minimum Continuous Service Temperature: -26°F
  • Available with Super Abrasion-Resistant (SAR) Coating

Applications of Polycast AcryShield L3

Polycast AcryShield L3 is versatile and ideal for a range of applications, including retail storefronts, banks, schools, government buildings, and armored vehicles. Its superior properties ensure safety and clarity in critical environments.

Why Choose Total Plastics for Polycast AcryShield L3?

At Total Plastics, we are committed to providing products that blend innovation with reliability. Our Polycast AcryShield L3 is a testament to this commitment, offering unmatched protection and clarity. Trust us for solutions that lead the industry in safety and performance.

Discover the difference with Polycast AcryShield L3. Contact Us today for more information and elevate the safety standards of your projects.