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Uncover the Resilience of Seaboard® Endurabond

Dive into a world of superior structural performance with Seaboard® Endurabond. This unique product, brought to you by Total Plastics, is tailored to thrive in demanding marine environments. Its specialized construction offers a stellar combination of durability and stability, essential for long-lasting marine applications.

Key Features of Seaboard® Endurabond

  • Exceptional structural strength for marine applications
  • Superior screw retention for robust construction
  • Optimal flatness and stiffness for easy installation
  • Resistant to moisture and common marine chemicals

Ease of Workability

The Seaboard® Endurabond is not only a beacon of strength but also a symbol of workability. Its ease of fabrication allows for cutting, routing, and welding without a hitch, making it a favored choice among marine construction professionals. The product's high screw retention capability ensures a solid, secure construction, fostering confidence in the structural integrity of your marine projects. Seaboard® Endurabond expanded PVC material contains up to 100% recycled content and provides heavy-duty structural and bonding properties for demanding application offering enhanced adhesion and optimal screw retention. Unlike wood, Endurabond is a reliable and durable material that will not rot, corrode, delaminate, or splinter.

Sustainable Choice for Marine Construction

In aligning with Total Plastics' commitment to sustainable solutions, the Seaboard® Endurabond stands as a testament to eco-friendly marine construction materials. Its durable nature means less frequent replacements, contributing to reduced waste and a smaller carbon footprint over time.

Discover the unmatched resilience and workability of Seaboard® Endurabond for your marine construction needs. Take a step towards robust, eco-friendly marine structures with Total Plastics. Contact us today to explore how Seaboard® Endurabond can revolutionize your marine projects!

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