Permabond® 910FS


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Permabond 910FS: The Industrial Adhesive for High-Strength Bonding

Unleash the power of professional bonding with Total Plastics' Permabond 910FS, the cyanoacrylate adhesive designed for high-performance industrial applications. This adhesive is your solution for rapid, reliable bonding of metals, plastics, and more.

Key Features of Permabond 910FS

  • Superior metal bonding capabilities for industrial applications
  • Fast curing time, achieving fixture strength in seconds
  • Low viscosity for easy application and handling
  • High temperature resistance, maintaining bond integrity
  • Chemical resistance, ensuring long-term durability
  • Approved for military and industrial use, meeting stringent standards

Applications of Permabond 910FS

Permabond 910FS excels in a variety of applications, from metal bonding to securing sensitive plastic parts. Its rapid cure rate and robust adhesion make it ideal for use in automotive, aerospace, electronics, and general manufacturing.

Why Choose Total Plastics for Your Permabond 910FS Needs?

With Total Plastics, you're not just purchasing an adhesive; you're gaining a partnership with a leader in industrial plastic distribution. Our expertise ensures you get a product that's not only top-quality but also backed by unparalleled customer support.

Discover the strength and reliability of Permabond 910FS for your industrial bonding needs. Contact Total Plastics today for expert advice and superior service.