Medical Grade Radel® (R)5500 Polyphenylsulfone

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Medical Grade Radel R-5500 PPSU: The Pinnacle of Thermoplastic Performance

Introducing the pinnacle of thermoplastic innovation - Medical Grade Radel R-5500 PPSU from Total Plastics. This high-performance material is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the medical industry, offering exceptional hydrolytic stability, toughness, and superior impact strength across a broad temperature spectrum.

Exceptional Qualities of Medical Grade Radel R-5500 PPSU

  • Unmatched hydrolytic stability and toughness for long-term use
  • Superior impact strength, ensuring durability in challenging environments
  • High deflection temperatures for versatile application across various temperature ranges
  • Outstanding resistance to environmental stress cracking, maintaining integrity over time
  • Optimal performance in steam autoclaving conditions, withstanding numerous cycles
  • Inherent flame retardancy and excellent chemical resistance

Applications and Versatility

Medical Grade Radel R-5500 PPSU is not just a material; it's a versatile solution for a multitude of medical applications. From intricate medical device components to durable sterilization trays, this thermoplastic excels where others fall short. Its ability to maintain performance under repeated steam autoclaving makes it an ideal choice for reusable medical equipment.

Why Choose Total Plastics for Your Medical Grade Radel R-5500 PPSU?

At Total Plastics, we understand the critical nature of medical-grade materials. Our commitment to quality and performance is reflected in every sheet of Medical Grade Radel R-5500 PPSU we deliver. With our expert knowledge and exceptional customer service, we ensure that you receive a product tailored to the high standards of the medical industry.

Discover the unmatched quality and reliability of Medical Grade Radel R-5500 PPSU for your medical applications. Contact Total Plastics today for more information and to discuss your specific needs.

Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU)