Lexan Aerospace (MRAC & MRAC1)


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Lexan Aerospace MRAC & MRAC1 Sheets: Clarity Meets Durability

Step into the future of aerospace materials with Total Plastics' Lexan Aerospace MRAC & MRAC1 Sheets. Designed for the most demanding environments, our sheets are not only flame-retardant and compliant with rigorous FST regulations but also boast excellent impact and abrasion resistance.

Unmatched Quality of Lexan Aerospace MRAC & MRAC1 Sheets

  • Superior impact and abrasion resistance for lasting durability
  • Flame-retardant, meeting FAR 25.853 A & B, BMS8-246 Type III standards
  • Optimized for flat, vertical applications such as aircraft window dust covers
  • High optical quality and low distortion for clear vision
  • Outdoor hard coated for enhanced performance
  • Available in a range of thicknesses to suit various applications
  • Inherent "crystal clear" transparency for impeccable clarity

Technical Specifications

Lexan Aerospace MRAC & MRAC1 sheets come in various thicknesses to accommodate your specific needs.

  • Available thicknesses: 1.50 mm, 2.03 mm, and 3.00 mm
  • High gloss surface finish for a sophisticated look
  • Excellent chemical resistance for long-term use
  • ROHS compliant and UL rated for safety assurance

Applications of Lexan Aerospace MRAC & MRAC1 Sheets

Our Lexan Aerospace MRAC & MRAC1 sheets are the go-to choice for aerospace applications that require materials to withstand extreme conditions while providing clear visibility. They're perfect for aircraft window dust covers and other high-impact aerospace components.

Why Choose Total Plastics for Your Aerospace Needs?

Total Plastics is synonymous with quality and reliability in the aerospace industry. Our commitment to delivering top-tier products, like the Lexan Aerospace MRAC & MRAC1 sheets, is driven by our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. Trust us for materials that take your aerospace projects to new heights.

Ready to enhance your aerospace designs with superior polycarbonate sheets? Explore the unmatched quality of Lexan Aerospace MRAC & MRAC1 sheets from Total Plastics today. Contact Us for more information and to discuss your specific needs.