KYNAR® Heat Shrinkable Tubing


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Kynar® is an irradiated, thin-wall, heat shrinkable tubing offering a high degree of mechanical strength and high temperature resistance. Kynar® tubing is manufactured from polyvinylidene fluoride; giving it outstanding abrasion resistance and cut-through properties in combination with high dielectric strength. Kynar® tubings are non burning and semi-rigid. They are highly resistant to most industrial fuels, chemicals and solvents. Kynar® tubing is recommended for shrink fit protection and strain relief of wires, solder joints, terminals and connections. Because the tubing is transparent, it affords see-thru inspection and identification when used as jacketing for components such as resistors and capacitors. Operating temperature is -55 °C to 175 °C. Shrink temperature is (min.) 347 °F to 175 °C.