EX-CEL® FF Free Foamed PVC Sheet

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Unleash Creativity with EX-CEL® FF Free Foamed PVC Sheets

Embrace the versatility of EX-CEL® FF Free Foamed PVC Sheets, designed to cater to a myriad of creative and structural needs. Offered in a spectrum of 13 standard colors, these sheets provide flexibility in design with options for low and regular density, ensuring cost-effectiveness and impact resistance tailored to your requirements.

Why Choose EX-CEL® FF PVC Sheets?

  • Available in 0.60 and 0.70 density sheets for budget and durability needs
  • Can be customized with PVC-compatible paints, and accepts adhesives, nails, screws
  • Ideal for printing, showcasing a matte finish for a premium look
  • Thicker gauges for enhanced impact resistance

Technical Specifications

EX-CEL® FF Free Foamed PVC Sheets are easy to work with, whether you're cutting, machining, or fabricating. The material's versatility is matched by its durability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Material: High-quality free foamed PVC
  • Finish: Matte, for a sophisticated appearance
  • Density Options: 0.60 (cost-efficient) and 0.70 (impact-resistant)

Applications of EX-CEL® FF PVC Sheets

From construction to creative projects, EX-CEL® FF PVC Sheets are the go-to material for professionals and hobbyists alike. Their ease of fabrication makes them perfect for everything from signage to interior designs.

Why Total Plastics?

At Total Plastics, we're committed to providing materials that push the boundaries of performance and creativity. Our EX-CEL® FF PVC Sheets embody this commitment, bringing you a product that's as reliable as it is versatile.

Ready for a material that meets your needs for creativity and durability? Choose EX-CEL® FF Free Foamed PVC Sheets from Total Plastics. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.