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Revolutionize Your Marine Builds with COOSA Nautical 20 Composite Panels

Introducing the COOSA Nautical 20, the composite panel that's transforming the marine industry. Engineered with high-density polyurethane foam and reinforced with continuous strand fiberglass, these panels are designed for toughness, durability, and longevity in the most challenging environments.

Key Advantages of COOSA Nautical 20 Panels

  • Manufactured to a density of 24 pcf, 20 pcf, and 15 pcf for tailored applications
  • Wide range of panel sizes from 0.25" up to 2" in 4ft x 8ft to 5ft x 12ft
  • Composite material offers high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Compatible with most marine resins for versatile applications

Technical Specifications

COOSA Nautical 20 panels are robust, versatile, and ready for immediate installation, maintaining compatibility with existing lamination methods and tools. Here's what makes these panels stand out:

  • Material: High-density, reinforced polyurethane foam composite
  • Resins: Compatible with epoxy, vinyl-ester, and polyester resins
  • UV Stability: Requires UV protection layer when exposed to direct sunlight
  • Installation: Comparable to plywood, no need for changes in lamination structure

Applications of COOSA Nautical 20 Panels

COOSA Nautical 20 is the preferred choice for marine applications where durability and strength are paramount. From boat building to sub-flooring, these panels provide a reliable, water-resistant alternative to traditional materials.

Why Total Plastics for Your Composite Panel Needs?

Choose Total Plastics for COOSA Nautical 20 Composite Panels and benefit from our commitment to quality and innovation. We offer custom solutions to meet the specific needs of your projects, backed by our expertise in the marine industry.

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