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ABSylux® ABS Sheets: Superior Performance for Diverse Applications

Welcome to the world of ABSylux® ABS Sheets by Total Plastics, where durability meets versatility. Crafted with precision, our ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) sheets are synonymous with excellence, providing a harmonious blend of impact resistance and fabrication ease for a spectrum of applications.

Unmatched Qualities of ABSylux® ABS Sheets

  • Unrivaled impact resistance ensures lasting durability
  • Seamless machining, fabrication, and thermoforming
  • Elegant appearance with a fine surface finish
  • Consistent dimensional stability for accurate projects
  • Chemical resistance prolongs sheet life
  • Customizable colors and textures for diverse project needs

Versatile Applications of ABSylux® ABS Sheets

ABSylux® ABS sheets are the go-to choice for a variety of projects, from automotive components to industrial and recreational uses. Their superior machinability and impact resistance make them ideal for achieving perfection in your projects.

Comprehensive Technical Data

For detailed specifications, please refer to our ABSylux® ABS Sheets Data Sheet.