Room Dividers & Single Panel Partitions

Room Dividers & Single Panel Partitions

Warehouse Partitions and Office Dividers

Total Plastics has rolled out three new products to help support businesses in their continuing effort to rethink safety and create an environment that is safer for both employees and customers. Total Plastics is offering a variety of portable room barriers perfectly suited for offices, restaurants, retail shops, schools, manufacturing floors and more. Customized barriers are also available.

Portable Multi-Panel Room Divider

Total Plastics has developed a see through multi-panel portable workplace room divider, a long-term protective solution for office, manufacturing and assembly environments. Constructed from extruded aluminum and clear polycarbonate panels, this lightweight and mobile barrier can be configured into a variety of designs to work around an established work area. Each frame measures 36×80 inches and are connected with a heavy-gauge, long-lasting hinge.

Portable Single Frame Room Divider

Designed as a more elegant and stylish option, these portable single-panel room dividers have space for two panels, which can allow a business to customize their partitions to match brand colors, seasons, local sports team and more. The base model includes a frosted acrylic panel on top. There are multiple customizations available including etching, clear or colored acrylic or printed panel. Designed with the idea the bottom panel may take more abuse, the bottom panel is a inexpensive foamed PVC, which is also available in a variety of color.

Single Panel Industrial Partition

Built similarly to our multi-panel, portable room divider, our industrial single-panel room divider measures 36×80 inches (82 inches tall with casters) and is constructed with an aluminum frame and clear polycarbonate panel. This single panel industrial room divider also includes a solid base with locking casters. This product is light weight and easy to move from station to station, giving shop floor employees a barrier between themselves and other employees.

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